30 Kasım 2010 Salı


Today, I've started to day before the sun to wake
There was no excitement got the yesterday night.
But, I've started to enjoy with a different feeling in this morning.

First, I watched the sky through my windows.
Slowly the syk blushed
And then,
passed to the seagulls
after swallows ...

After a light pink sky occurred.
On the radio, there was the folk songs .
Pleasant and enthusiastic Anatolia songs

On my eyes to passed my childhood
I remember my aunt's sangs the songs in the village weddings
while the brides fingers with henna,
Henna nights enthusiastic ...

I lived in the morning enjoy with pleasure
An happiness to has come in this world,
46 years ago
In Merzifon
At 7.40o'clock in this world,
I had come in the morning to this world
Also, 22 years ago
I said "Yes" in front of a wedding a officer ..
I love my friends and my family,
I wish to me a long and healthy years....

With love ..

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