10 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

Code of LAWS

"...... everybody knows that legislation is an important task.
But sitting on an order of a city
good execution of the laws issued
incompetent managers leaves,
much worther than the laws usefull
becomes more than terrıble,
because they ......'
(427 BC Athens)

Monday morning, I completed my work at the Sultahmet Judgment
After I went on foot to Sirkeci.
I stopped all bookstores, and statıoners on my way .
I looked at the shelving wıth bıg pleasure ...
Publications Kabalcı opened a few years ago ın Cağaloğlu ascent
I found the book of Plato's LAWS ın there.
"You should know ancıent history for understanding today,"
After a year, I spent all ın mz lıfe that I know better whıch thıs meanıng.
Because, in everyday life, especially to prepare on mz legal opinions on issues
when ı looked to past legal history
I am findıng so many responce..
Prior to the referendum that the Roman Law course
I read the book and I found a law issued before the B.C ..
In education gave us a lot of things.
Unfortunately most of this education system based on rote even we dıdnot remember nothıng ...
I think the basic structure of the human being exists-has not changed much since
Ties with the past is not very tight
problems facing today, purely since we perceive as belonging problems for todays ...
The contents of a private book of Plato's LAWS:
-All purpose of living the whole of virtue
Happiness is a combination of-justice
-Use of dınner meetings wıth alchooll
-End issue of drinking wine
-The sharıng of the ground
-Guardians of-law
-Military duty
-Following the year of marriage
-How ıs the child educatıon
-Pre-school education
-Sexual problems
-Import & Export....
-Auditors to be the case ................

This is over the titles, 2010 is excellent-I can write
I'll be fully reflected in the current.
Yet all of these Topics and other headgear,
current problems of the people as lived 2427 years before the full .

I wish you all a pleasant and peaceful day ...
Yours ...



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