14 Kasım 2010 Pazar


"..... On the other hand, the end of december morning, so complex in a white 'sea fog' that covers the goal and against the coast;

France nerve within the layer of fog over them mountains flooded with dark-purple, gray and black-and-

sections, and peaks, as if it looks like an island in the Leman lake over the long, thin.

In other words, Ferdinand Hodler's 'Three Mountain and the Sea of Fog" is reminiscent of the table is almost identical ..

Ugur Kokden-Leman Lake's Alone page: 97

This morning I started of the day with the Gemlik Gulf's quiet and calm waves.
In front of me the Mudanya's Mountains likes fully described in the Leman Lake Alone's under a smokescreen ..

I arrived to Gemlik Gulf with a ferry boat on Friday's.
I don't understand which I am in the world of imagine or a dream,

A color density of blue, mist blue mountains in the morning, again at a point close to the shore fisherman ...
The hot cannot expect for the season's temperature.
We arrive sitting in the balcony for two days and living in the balcony.
Yesterday we take sun bath the rocks on the beach.
Beach, just the same as inviting as summer days, and shining ..

But when you hold your feet in the water for a while,
you can feel circulated slowly of the coldness ..
At the moment, I am hearing the sounds of a big load ships to cross far away
Who knows the world in which they arrived off the port of
and who knows how many harbors will visit to the officers ...

Dazzling flashes of bright sun with the waves on the shore ..
The sea is breathing as a quiet,
you can hear the sound of the waves flapping softly ..
There is no need to run around this morning ..

The seagulls there arent this morning
May be still sleeping such as fishing boats,

The clouds.are deep blue today
Doing separated from the sea and can not see the sky.
Only ,behind vessels composed of a single white waves, showing that there is a sky .
It will go to the ship and will not be sky again ..
I can hear the workers voice the next building and a tiny sparrows voice's too ..
Also, my friends have these lines that will send
to say hello to who knows where and in which languages are currently in this morning ....
I wish a sunny day and plenty of pleasant blue ..
Yours ...
10.27 -Armutlu/Gemlik

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