27 Kasım 2009 Cuma

26 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

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21 Kasım 2009 Cumartesi

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3 Kasım 2009 Salı

Ciragan Palace and Baroque Music

This rainy evening in Istanbul,

When filtered through the rain drops whiteness of windows,

sound of the wind is accompaning by stretching across the city of light

Somethimes I lıke winter months and somethımes I dont lıke.

I like, because all the artistic activities are filling your life

I do not lıke because the rain drops and wind co-operation is to hinder you from your path ..

Same thing happened again this morning.
I was invited to Baroque music concert in Ciragan Palace the chamberlain Hall,

İn spite of the wind and drops the float glass
I woke up early.

I prepared a beautiful weekend breakfast to myself,

Then I put on my boots,

I took my red umbrella

And I fell into the my path ...

When I entered the gates of the palace
of course I forgat external cold and wind ...

At 11.00 o;clock the music began.

From the three fine artists,

Extending from Bach to Monti'ye

Flute, violin and harp from which we lived a dream.

Editing was great.

Each piece played when artist places was given a slide show.

İn front  there are   violin, harp and flute
in back  there are green countryside
and medieval castles
The listeners have tooken a long journey ... 

I wısh such a beautiful journey

and pleasant weekends for

all my friends.