5 Kasım 2010 Cuma


".. I was very grieved when it snows to Rome

I lived many years in Bologna, then in Toronto and later in Rome ..

Northern soul .. The Roma wanted to say welcome to me

But of course, Rome snow not same to Bologna snow

against the falling snow was not as hard as ...

TEMPERATURE in my heart I was watching the outside of glass ...

Caterina Bonvicini ... "
At the moment the dish on the stove rattling accompanied by sound to write these lines.

Lightweight glasses have a mist emitted from the room a little bit of vegetables and warmth ...
Yesterday there was a conference by the Italian Cultural Center for the Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival

Italian writer, Caterina Bonvicini and guest that Murat Belge
"Responsibility of the article is titled"
I joined a conversation.
She came far away from Roma and much simpler than change has come and tell me what to listen to a human was so pleasant.
So sincere and so soulful ..
Murat Belge, told a friend when the youth guests home with years of memories of the author and the author explains to his responsibility.
After the conference I must go to a banquet dinner for the elections of the Istanbul Bar Association.

When I went up and looked at a rapid speed that Istiklal Street

I saw the Greek Consulate in front of a crowd and all the lights in place ..

'Contemporary Greek Painting Art "exhibition opening coktely in there ..
While to see the blue colour of the life impossible not to breathe Is there in this sweet meeting...
Immediately I fell in ...
In front of the door a beatifull lady was waiting with a baby carriage ..
People enjoy talking to the delightful Greek ..
For a moment I felt like walking a narrow street in my lovely Athens...
Mixed with each other and the moments of life of people love you ..

Not Importance of what colors you have what languages, what religions ...
To be human is wonderfull..
I wish you a weekend full of colorful and fun ...
Yours ..



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