24 Eylül 2010 Cuma

A night in september

A night varieted are downing slowly upon the waves
in front of the fishing boats goes quietly goes
On the yellow winds, there is a wind whispers
The evening breeze like a nice voice which to hit the beach ....

So full of magic, thats the life ,
Listen to the sound of distant thunder with the deep sound of waves

Suddenly, the rain drops at the time on the sea,
A sea that is wet, and dry ...

You look aroun from where laying on the ground.
to photograph your machine

You take a cigarette from your pocket,
while your light is lighing, you will get a deep breath and then ...

in the september night, a new assembly to be
neighbors are in conversation sitting down at the beach ...
Now and then, only in passing birds in front of you
The sun is now ready to sink quietly,
The smell coming from the soup from kitchens
together with iodine smell of the sea ..

Last autumn holidaymakers, bread etc which were from the wharf to return home ...
You will watch quietly to the life ..
The ships visibility as soon as,
Travellers who come to expect in horbour quietly.
Children from their mothers' hands paved,
In the september chilly, the sound of wind on trees braches ..

No traffic noise, nour people crowded,
only the birds and the waves ...
evening tea on the stove burning a quetly,
tonight, all tables united at dinner meals again ....
Yours ...
Ahladi-Gemlik ...

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  1. I like the idea of evening tea on the stove....a very evocative poem.