21 Eylül 2010 Salı


While the sun slowly disappeared behind the blue mountains,

I am writing this letters with the sound of the wind between the tree's branches wind

and listen to the waves on the beach -

I spent a day between the waves with white foam, with a glint silver wanderer a gray day today.

The summers deep blue change to autumn with a silver grey colour in the place.

I swam in the like a summer days while the sun was shining on the sky at afternoon.

Fresh sardines will cook at the barbecue which taken from the dock in the morning while sun is rising times.

Besides the sound waves and a pleasant autumn night, this evening will be live a nice dinner table ..

I finished a book from Luan Starova's "Books of My Father".

I wish a world full of books ...

Loves ...

21-09-2010 - Armutlu

17.51 hrs

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