22 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba


I woke up today at seven o'clock.

As usual ..

But this time do not have to get up in time because I am living out of time.

when I waked, before all else I looked out of my windows .

A blue sea, combined with a blue sky with clouds

I can see the Trilye and Mudanya mountains from my chair.

Gray or blue, but blue mountains.

Sea is the Gemlik see.

In the garden. cypress tree branches on top long enough to touch,

I'm watching the brances while waving in the winds slightly.

Early morning the fishing boats returned to the fish.

A yellow boat, arrived to the pier earlier

Blue fishing boats around from behind the wings fly many seaguls in the morning chilly ..

My eyes still filled with small boats in the distance..

Sea, like the come along a long road, extending to rest briefly employed

As an elderly woman hit the coast of breath.

In my front of occasionally goes seagulls.

when I look at the see , remote island of Imrali in Bandirma and mountains villages watching.

Blue, blue, blue ...

There is little in the breeze over the sea.

Mountains, with small white clouds dress up.

Eternity, and give peace in the morning.

I am out of the time and space, as if to exclude.

Close to me nad so far away from everything, but everything.

Why I wrote these lines ..

Actually impossible to describe in words the beauty of nature.

Not only should you pick actually breathe.

But so beautiful that everything,

I wanted to share this beauty with my friends favorite and lovely ...
Beauty of the sea and waves as I live morning.

The seagulls fly in front of you and your hearts ...

Love and friendship ..




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