18 Temmuz 2010 Pazar

A sunny Switzerland Morning

In a sunny Switzerland morning,

followed by a slice of apple and a morning coffee

I recently heard to write voluntarily.

i am awaking inthis country about two weeks.

Evenings before sleeping

always i am opening my window,

I am listening to slience of streets.

I hear the wind wanderer branches of trees.

Today is Sunday.

Away from the church, the invitation comes the campanile.

A sunny day.

People are going to Wylerrbath swimming poll with their backbag..

Since I arrive in Switzerland ,

I am reading to book which Hans Lukas Kieser, " TURKLUGE IHTIDA .

1870 "Beginning with for years, the Turks in Switzerland and their activities examined in the book.

Book, "Switzerland-Turkey Life and Culture Areas"

within the framework adopted by the Faculty of Philosophy University of Zurich

an associate professor at the work of a chapter ..

Dormitory staff manually transcribed Turk Lausanne,

Swiss Federal Archive, Lausanne, State and Municipal Archive

based on official sources, such as.

19. 20th century until

â lot of student are coming from

Eastern Europe, From Russia, the Balkans and the Ottoman State

Many students prefer to Switzerland expire and political refugees,

they trained to the same universities for many years.

Russian Empiâre in the group;

Bakunin, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin, and there Plehanof.

From the Ottoman Empire;

Jon Turks group, or 1910 Years of Fribourg "as a doctorate student

In 1926 as Minister of Justice and the Swiss Civil Code

Mahmut Esat Bozkurt Turkey there who have put into force.

1930 Disasters Inan Ataturkun spiritual daughter Afet Inan

Anthropologist Eugene Pittard Geneva with "doctoral student in ...

read books where I want this book.

Wilhelm TELL, first time in the year 1898,

transleting to Ottoman language by Dr.Abdullah Cevdet.

Visit places in Switzerland, and most i am travelling

the places in this book actually

Wilhelm Tell, Altor city and lived in the canton of Uri from Sweden.

My first visit there, I've done ..

While my days mourning on this day to understand and i am traying to history ...

Love and friendship ..

Good sundays ...




http://www.iletisim.com.tr/kitap/t% C3% C3% BC% C4%% BCrkl 9Fe-converted-1393.aspx

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  1. Switzerland sounds wonderful.

    We did make it to Istanbul for one night a few weeks ago...wish we'd had longer - most of the time in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

  2. Thanks my lovely reader for kindly werbs...Everytime we wait isn Istanbul.. Please write to me...