8 Temmuz 2010 Perşembe


Yesterday afternoon,we arrrived  to Bern after a comfortable  plane travel.
Dark green and a brilliant sun on a summer nature said to me welcome.
we went to garden the  guests families.
After everyone went to sleep to drink a coffee.
When you woke  up
you are surprisng
Deep green of trees,
sound of birds on the  branches,
dark green river flowing gently down road
and colorful flowers
waiting to you
this world of mind,
you feel yourself in a dream
you need to check and hear the real environment.
istanbul a world city where  the traffic and overcrowding, urban density in humans,
you arrive a city  which
For being a rare traffic noise, the occasional night away from the sound of the train road listening,
Look at down from your balcony
you see  the basket with the bike's childrens
calm people
As they  lives a city to
Some surprising ..
Bern is a city approximately 120 000 person where  lived.
Excerpt from the middle of all the houses, lush gardens.
like my chilhood of Lego games city.

From balcony,
in green on the following  groud
children's bicycles, toys, child  cars.
On the other side of the balcony flovers while red, pink  ...
yours flover is  white and purple ...
You can see a  buildings, from ancient model.
Like a castlee and roof  have high towers.
Windows with shutters and red flowers looking to you.
Balcony door stood open
you would listen to a bird bustling sound.
Sun rise slowly ..
Those people who go to the swimming  pool will start trying to cross the street.
I'm in a new city,
A happy new  my morning coffee ...
Yours ..
07/06/2010 time: 09:58

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