13 Eylül 2009 Pazar

Now the first day of autumn

"....Now the first day of autumn. More winter there.
It is important to a good start in the autumn. Beceuse, life begins in the fall.
when children start school ... "
(Hamdi Koç-Afternoon of a former husband / last pages of the last line ...)

This morning I finished the last page of yet another book.
When I finished reading a book and I would definitely like to share my thoughts.
Especially in my life has created in terms of projections.

Hamdi Koç's second book that I read.
I read the first book "Angels to be Men"
I have quoted above, new books, the first book more.

We see around us all, but their inner world, or do not even know where unnecessary
very rich, very respected, very qualified a man who looks;
How poor, how graceless, how much is a simple inner world feels to the reader.

Especially "Angels to be Men" when reading the book I was fighting myself too, not to leave half.

But I was thinking, in a way I find the opportunity to learn about their world.
Of course, if the real ..
Because life and people, especially women approach it as bad as that ....

This is the second book more enjoyable.

When I finished this book, I will begin a new book, I would have chosen.
"James Joyce-Ulysses.
(Ulysses, Joyce's own narrative with favoritos understand Nora Barnacle'ı the day that passes in Dublin on June 16, 1904)

Ulysses, the first time in 1996 and translated into Turkish language, the book as a gift to me, then I've worked my manager was at work.
At that time, together with my manager, the legal affairs of the publishing house published a follow-up were.

Ulysses, a 841-page book. I started the book at that time but could not continue any scholarship.
Because I wanted to also read Ulysses'i in those days I read "Lawrence Durrell'in" Avignon Quintet "
my face was constantly out in the book.

As a result, I could not read the book.
In 2006, the Nevzat Erkmen translate the book "Dictionary of Ulysses" has prepared and published nude.
I also bought this dictionary of course immediately, placed next to the library Ulysses'in.

One day I will read anyway.

That morning, Hamdi Koç-"Afternoon of a former husband" finished his book when I decided to read it.




A pleasant weekend to all the friendly and pleasant reading wish.

Yours Efsun

13 September 2009 --
Sunday morning 12.05-hour

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