6 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi


A cup of Turkish coffee without sugar,
"The Şavşat green forests and mountains " about a radio program
Not yet a light sky ..

Istanbul is deepsleep yet,
Thousands of people, silent and breathing quietly
They slept suddenly like a circulated as a magic stick
Cool morning breeze from my window when I sigh,
Distance of an aircraft to rise slowly when I am watching ...

A seagull flew the roof,
I hear the sound of tiles ..

I remember the Basmane district in Izmir
the Morning Caffees( SABAHCI KAHVELERI).
I think this morning coffee brings taste of life max.

This morning I woke up very early ..
My mind goes to a very far away with seagulls ..
Ithink to my friends a far away,
I dont ask residency
Although we breath the same city
My friends stop by a coffee.

Today I want to send them a Istanbul
The ships which passing to the Bosphorous,
The radio woices from
I reach around the world to me
radio programs I want to send them ..
which came around from the depths of space ..

This morning I want to send a morning song ( SABAH TURKUSU)
And accompanied by a glass of water next to a black coffee ..

What is beautiful in this world .. My friends have....
One by one they make my world beatifull and I live beauties.

I am thanks with a bunch of flower  to the world,
and to my friends from my world and the beauty ...

With love ...
06.46 morning



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