12 Aralık 2010 Pazar


This morning, the first thing of my hand which is a book
It was a German book about the Aare River.
"Die Aare"
I want to put under my Computer for high heat.
I wandering among the pages that I found a letter which
my friend write to me whom the book, a gift to us.
07.15.2010-Bern ....
I wander to photographs of the river and Switzerland photos ..
Lush forests,
a sparkling river that flowing ..
The flow of water in the river where the happy people were swimming ...
The red geraniums are cascades from windows...
In another life, in another logic ....

One of my favorite things to make in Bern,
To get the trolleybus that pass in front of the house
my nose to put a glass of bus windows
I wacth the city where running through in front of my eyes ..
Out of the pages, I put to my eyes at the sound of wind which hitting my windows..
This winter when the snow firts time in Istanbul's roofs..

Here I thought at that moment
The life to be like a poem
Just like the Swiss, such as ..
We must feel the beauty of this life where in our palms ...

Everywhere there is snow ....
At the moment I am listening to Adamo's song which ''everywhere snow''.
Soon I will drink a cup of hot sahlep,
After, I will send to my best regards
with my Turkish tes that slowly steeped
awakening my friends far away land
Hello to whom make the life like a poem ..
Love and friendship ...Efsun

2 yorum:

  1. Best wishes to you.

    There is much snow here in England; I saw Ankara with snow on the TV today !

  2. Good evening dear blessinggoddess;
    unfortunately istanbul isnt snow.. Only one morning snow.. But dark and cold..
    Best wishes to you from istanbul...