4 Mayıs 2010 Salı





Monday, May 3, 2010. 6:51 morning.
Yesterday evening, I fell asleep  without clock alarm.

Because this morning, I woke up  a new  morning  in my life.

Since this morning, the clock needed things for me

-I need to be at the airport two hours before to plane

-there is two hour  to remained at train,
-Bus to get up ... etc..

words will be flay around me.

Since 1 May 2010  I  declared  my own holiday.
1 May Day,  I celebrated  the workers day  with my  Athens friends in Taksim Square.
Under the  brilliant sky,  what a historic day  to be Taksim after  32 years.

I retired on 1 September 2010 from  my bank.
Same-day afternoon, I  visited  a good friend for a coffee,

And my friend proposed me to  work at  Microsoft project which called "BAP xRM -Borrowing and Lending Platform"  law software programm.
I returned my  students  times.

Enforcement of bankruptcy rules and printed matter after all, with all the details….
In the process, actually over twenty years in my life, which  this  experience  it was very interseting.
Now this program is completed.
I took a deep breath and decided  a beautiful  holiday rights need to me.
From this day, I will  try to  tell  for you which places I've ever seen and been.
For example:
-In Salda Lake, 'll wake up early morning to watch the reflection of lights  on the lake  by listening to birds sounds while I drink my morning coffee.
-In Swetzerland  near the Are River of roses garden , on an evening of watching the red western sun  I will drink to my red vine.
-From the hill of the Acropolis in Athens  i will watch to Attica and i feel to my friends hearts.

 When to time returning  autumn period I will  back to Istanbul.
And I will  back to  re-enforcement and bankruptcy rules.

This time, a life which luck bring to me I will wonder very much..
Essence dear  friends, living with you so enjoyable.

A foggy morning in Istanbul  I am sending to you  my  morning letter.

I hope to see  and write to you  enjoyable  times for all us...

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