29 Mart 2013 Cuma

This Mornıng.....

This morning I caught the sunrise.

Huge window of the room and goes back to sleep with the ceiling ..
When you open your eyes, you fınd alone with clouds ..

Istanbul's skyline in the distance, say hello to your day with ..

Here are the lights of the sun this morning,
in glitters,
I got started to emerge ...

I took a deep breath ..
Enjoy a sparkling spring morning, waking up with the
I started a new book ...

What did my friends passed ..

I have a great friend,
and hospitalizations in the future to check out this morning ..
He never thought possible at one time,
hospital two weeks ago, was due to an embolism ..

Life is hugged him again ...

Another friend, a distant sea from the land
dear came to Istanbul ...

I know thıs  news ..
What  about others.....

Where are they now,
How do they  woke up in the morning,
What's going to do today,
Where will  they go ...

Before go to the bank today to pay my taxes ..

I wıll go to the bazaar  for green and sparkling ..

New detached branch of red tomatoes,
fresh artichokes,
red peppers,
green cucumbers will be waiting for me ...

My friends  wıll come from Switzerland ..
Happy to meet them with enthusiasm
I walk the streets of Istanbul ...

My daughter will wake up soon ..
I'll read my new book ..

This blue planet
as beautiful as you , I can open my heart to my friends
life once again look gratitude ...

I wish for a nice baseline to be awakened ...

'll Send you all my love armful ...

Efsun ...

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