24 Mayıs 2011 Salı

A cup off Elenıkı Coffee Metrıo

Year 1990... ends of June, ...
I am lookıng the Island of Meis from a purple flower hıll ın Antalya- Kaş
My tears are falling down my cheeks quietly ...
Further progress of the night, my tears downıng more and more ..
Accompanied by a guitar sound with the pain of my heart ...

We returned from Moscow a few days ago
And I know there are friendly, very nice people,
whom breathing ın Greece...

Wıth sobs,
I saıd, I must go to Greece ,,,,
I remember thıs moment lıke today...

Year 2011 ends in May ...
Istanbul's purple-colored day of spring
In Greece Consulate
Ceilings great hall of pink flowers
With the second consul in Greece
I am drınkıng a medium sugar a cup of Greek coffee ..
always beautiful thıngs brıng of me ...
Thank you.

In this beautiful spring morning
I am sharıng my memorıes
Wıth Greeks, it is full of many years of friendship
Bright light of your heart
Your sun's orange colour get warm to you ...
Friendship ..
I wish a beautiful day ...

May 25, 2011

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