11 Mayıs 2011 Çarşamba

Agaın Seagulls


Thıs mornıng I looked of the kıtchen wındow wıth the sounds of the seagulls wing modifications
I started to day with a rising ıstanbul sluet and deep blue ..
There was a meetıng at the Supreme Court in Ankara on Tuesday.
Monday night in Istanbul-Ankara,
Tuesday nıght ın Ankara-Istanbul tickets l bought and start taking the road ...
After the meetıng, I corresponded with my sister ..
My sıster saıd, onllz six-hour road between Ankara and Denizli ..
Spring has come up here,
she said come on come on Jump ..

I am not a long time to move out of Istanbul,
Was this proposal immediately accepted, and revealed by the Ankara-Istanbul ticket
start to Denızlı roads ..
The bus had a excellen classical music collection .
A green sea and the Ankara's sun slowly disappearing .
I arrıved Denızlı after midnight ..
Met a friend at the bus station at me whom I like very much frıend for many years ..
I think the most valuable friendships, friendships can last for many years ...
Friendships I wish it that way all my life ..
And I'm very lucky that they are a very friendship is where long years ..
Denizli and Burdur days are coming, excellent ..
Mountains and plateaus are full green ..
The hills and mountains onlly green mask, this time ..
I put my grandfather's vineyards to tomatoes,
I sewed my grandmothers vineyards almond trees ..
My sweet paradise where Salda Lake
I drank a tea brewed by looking at the Blue Lake ...
Slopes of the mountains and the pine trees looked for mushrooms
Getting over time and space ...
Mountain flovers has cut and filled in my pocket
I can smell them together ...
Again I returned my lovely Istanbul whıle through the Istanbul Boshorous ..
Judas trees greeted the two sides of the strait at me ...
I said to myself what is beautiful to live ..
But I share with friends
and tell them to be friends
even more beautiful ..
Your day is full of beauty, and let pass the colors of purple ..
Love and best regards ...
09,45 11/05/2011
Efsun-Istanbul ..

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