30 Ocak 2011 Pazar

Life is indeed a feast

Yesterday , when I close to my eyes at last night for sleep,
I felt that I'm very tired.

At noon, i have got an appointment with a family which had a problem.
Then I work with my new files which come from bank
I saw my printer would be insufficient
So I went to Beyoglu for a new printer.

Later in the night,
I put on the machine some clothes
And I say to my family:
-I am going to sleep and you can put the clothes aftre finish machine..

On the bed,
childhood memories came to my mind like a speed of light.
The years of 1974 ...
We have got a house with a garden
Weekends, my mother light a big fire in the garden.
The fire lighted near the wall because want to far away roses and vegetables ...
On the light, we put a big boiler (kazani) and filled the cold water.
The red washbowl also placed around the red fire
Used with a weekly linen washed in the washbowl.
Then, the first washing machine which came to our house.
And on top of a white box with a roll ...
The machine washes
After rinsing with our hand holding
roller passes the water one by one .
At that time, my aunt remained in Germany have to do the exact rotation
and while there had brought in machines.
My aunt had a fully automatic machine
and stood on the corner with a blanket of lace.
Because this machine from electrical equipment in those days was not enough to execute.
According to my aunt, after kicking the machine
There was no need to do nothing
and two hours after the machine was taken in a state dried linen.
After returning from the long journey to my heart
suddenly my tired finish all.
I opened to my book with a big plesuare
and morning when the mind and heart,
to send my favorite friends who wanted to ...
I wish you all a pleasant Sunday ...
Life is indeed a feast ---
Friendship ...
Efsun ---
30 January 2011
morning 10.48



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