30 Ekim 2009 Cuma

A rainy mornıng in Istanbul

We are forgetting
To progress a forest heart over a wooden brıgde

The mountaıns shades ın a blue lake

in the distance to the Greece, the pine trees greenery in a monastery

To the harmony of a moss in the forest stones

To inviting stance of blackberries,

The lines of the veins in a leaf,

The pink flowers in the slopes

The sound of the birds in a stagnant pond,

Emitted from the strings of a violins silence,

The sound of the birds in a deep valley,

The drops in the tab on the stones,

The harmony of the water lily,
And a rainbow over the mountains ....

Deeply forgettıng,

In this universe, the every second is

progressing quıckly
and we havent chance to the return.................

A rainy mornıng in Istanbul

I am sending my love and respect

With friendship ..


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