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I am calling In Istanbul from a quiet summer morning.

I am sitting on the table in front of my Kitchen.

From my window, I am watching which to wait in silence, the minaret of a mosque in Istanbul, and quietly moving the leaves of poplar trees.

Meanwhile I am hearing the seebirds and rook birds which flaying in front of my windows.

This morning I am drinking my coffee without sugar.

I am under the blue sky and remaining after the rain clouds.

Two books and and two tickets are standing on my table. .

"Behind with the Mortgage and Living off Plastic"

You must find to happines on your own, dont search in shopping--Lynette Allen


Lynette Allen, a 'Life Coach of' actually. This second book .which I read.

First book accidentally i found the my a sisters books in Salda Lake “Behind-Laundry-Living-Off-Chocolate”


My second book is standing at my desk Mara Meimaridi "I Magisses Tis Smirnis"


Mara Meimaridi an anthropologist. Written in the articles on child health and nutrition, and cosmology and astrophysics on the one hand, the back of the book is written..

I also read this book to my sister on the intensive advice.

I have a daughter and it has three names. One is "Elara" ..

Elara is a Jupiter planet sone of satellite’s name.

I want to give this name to my doughter. Because, I am thinking the universe and human a complate. . Maybe a little bit of luck will bring on you from universe.

This story starts in Izmir, a poor neighborhood , in the year 1888. Eftelya open the windows of the house into the breeze content is a cool in Izmir. Everything together like the previous day were being repeated no unchanged ... "(page 15)

This book is telling a woman whom chanching the life story of a recurring unchanged

When you are reading some portions of holding your breath ... And you hear from time to time to pass old century and admiring as the author and the woman of novel....

I bought another book for this book complate - "The Ottoman Import- IZMIR COSTOM 1818-1839" Kucukkalay MESUT . ..


This book is not a novel. Directly to the fabric of vital business information and Costom of Izmir.

The other two things stood on my table which my travel tickest ...

THY: july 5 Airlines Istanbul- Basel / Basel-Istanbul on July 21.

THY July -24 Airlines istanbul-Athens / Athens-istanbul / August 7.

Books, travel and friendships ...

They are my life kochs...

Beautiful and enjoyable weekends for all of you ... ... ... ..

Friendship .... Many many kisses…


26/06/2010 -09,40-istanbul

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