3 Haziran 2010 Perşembe

A Morning Coffee

That your coffee this morning,

Whether a Turkish coffee, freshly prepared.

If possible, from the Egyptian Bazaar

Kahveci Mehmet Efendi get dry from ...

Matter before the queue,

close to half an hour

sins in your heart, sweet smell of coffee ...

Once your package to your bag of coffee

Your way,

Market inches ahead of Egyptian Bazaar

A small pane antics

double pass of a store selling roasted delight you ...

Peanut kınd may be nıce

But you must choose

the select double-roasted kınd.

You buy a few a little bird delight.

Red, pink, orange, colurs ..

You'll find on the way to give childrens ...

You must cook to yours sugarless coffee

ın the copper coffee pot.

The beauty of your heart

swepps up coffee

be filled with joyfull ...

Yours ...


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  1. You can prefer Eleniki coffee metrıo....