2 Şubat 2013 Cumartesi


Recently, I was not writing anything about the books I've read lately.

This morning I read a book, written in a language that is absorbing,
Being lazy I got up, made myself a cup of coffee and started to touch my keyboard keys.
I finished the last book of a Greek author: SOTI Triantafyillou
I am, in general, I see where one works translated into Greek, is immediately read.

In this book, GATA discovered while going to be a problem in my hands ..

Name one thing before didnt bring anythings for me ..
But when I close the last page of the book, the first job,
To check whether the entities in the novel was a real internet ...
The book is a means of Athenian Asimakis family, told a historical process.

History of the world between 1866-1940,
revolutions, leaders, cities, countries are very nice woven ...

While reading the book yourself, sitting in a café, together with Lenin in Zurich
or before the second world war the military junta in Athens, and in the middle of the cold war

Do you think the Communists were arrested ...

In the book, the heroes of the novel intertwined with real people ..
Problems of Socialism in the then, the Greek Communist Party, and so a lot of the current policy debate, in a language which was very pleasant transferred to the novel ...
Especially, at the beginning of 2013, these determinations have read, the internal spend even more attractive to your eye comes from the book ..
Sincerely .



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