5 Mayıs 2012 Cumartesi

The morning of a rainy Switzerland


Today we woke up the morning of a rainy Switzerland ..
Yesterday, where as there was a sparkling spring morning ..
I have been Swiss since a week.
When I came to a city, my favorite thing
As any resident of the city is to live it ..
This in a week,
I did a walk in the mornings and the city center.
We celebrated  1  May with Swiss workers.
Most  interserting celebration which  in May was in my life .. 
Jogging started with  the music of hip-up
When we arrived in front of the Parliament  square-filled sitting at tables
 Spoke a few parliamentary and trade unionists.
Accompanied by a chorus of Mars is quite soft at the Enternasyonal l was told ..
Established in various countries were taken drinks stands.
After speeches and a jazz group course scars.
Those who want to be listening to any concert program continued.

One evening I watched Bern National Theatre ballet ..
Berne has a special ballet program this week.

Marcelle was at Natinal Ballet program I have come across ..

Also have an exhibition this week .. BEA Bern in Bern.

 This fair held every year, as well as promote their products and culture of Switzerland is being done-

Yesterday afternoon to go back home after the fair, an incredible walked ..
Blackwater our full sense of the feet and dropped the kids ...

Today  we will visit Lichtenstein"s where
Location within the boundaries of a small tax haven in Switzerland

As I write this, I am back from speaking German television.
The only noise comes from outside  car.
One Saturday morning the rain to silence and dampness judge ..
Everyone in this country, very quiet ..

Everything you look from outside but calm
To create a calm, but it
You feel a lot of effort is being spent.
Because everything is so perfect and precise ..
Are you experiencing stops, knowing that he will pass up to the municipality in which busses ..

I am sending to the love and greetings from Bern ..
Absolute mornings ...
Wish you enjoyable holidays ..

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