9 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

First time in my life

Good Morning;
I will prepare a CV for the first time in my life about myself in this morning.
In my head for days trying to base the logic and use format.

Write a great pleasure I finished the process of planned month of Spring.
Search through the streets all around the world,
I took a small dip in the Greek coast, the blue waters.

Hazan of September leaves my hands, stretched out among
My grandfather has completed the life of day behind
Grape vineyards planted with his own hands have collected ..
Where are drinking a sip of water, direct rates of breath and live the character.
Life with a stream flowing around the Swiss Alps
Life is a stream flowing around the Lake Salda in Burdur how much different ...

However, both two hours away from this blue planet in the distance ..
Both the beautiful life situation I had a chance to wake up the morning.
Through the streets of Athens,
My buddies who want a more live out of thrown Hirosimaya atomic bomb
Around Akropul outskirts of Athens workings of a hot shoulder shoulder walked with my lovely friends..

IIn Syntagma Square, whom came from Portugal a teacher with excitement from asking what it
Hiroshima to learn and enjoy participating in a walk with us and I became friend with her whom a teacher ..

The world is very small world and endlessly ..
Days in these lines, the moment was left behind ..
Now I step in my life a new window.
Law is now my life will continue to own in my office.
For this, an article describing prepearing myself CV.

Before I wanted to write an article describing my own heart for my lovely friends
I am sipping my coffee,
Far away country and beside to me whom my beautiful people
I am saying to hi with my blue world.
Bright days to let pass ...
With my best regards ...
time: 10.52

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