25 Aralık 2009 Cuma

One morning invitation

A foggy and misty morning in İstanbul,
unhurried and with pleasure I put ketle on the stove
On the kitchen table
Tissue of the hand weavers in Kastamonu
the blue blanket was spread
outside of the window
Istanbul extends lengthwise,
and only the sound of gulls are coming
boiling water
first I made myself a coffee
cup of water after spills to
I drink in Athens, has prepared capucino and remember my good friends
I put my red carnations on the table
my green onions
my red tomatoes
my fresh peppers
Wash and got away ..
came to my mind my grandmother’s tarhana soup.
into a saucepan
I put tarhana
whıch my mother’s prepare wıth her hands
stirring slowly
and now all of my good friends in my brain to move
whıle cooking my tarhana ...
This morning,
from Burgaz,
Izmir, Konyada, Bursa,
Athens , Korinthos
From Berlin
from the opposite shore,
from Crite
and from Ankara
Our friends are coming ..
Smoke on
tarhana soup
a cup of fresh tea
and by
We are ınviatıng them to Istanbul mornıng

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