21 Ağustos 2012 Salı



The sea, the rocks, the blue back on the beach,
 Stomach, pulled her knees,
 on your hands and knees
 connected to each other,
 watching the waves
 and listen to the sea ...

 China white seagulls flying in a clear blue immensity,
 bring you past the beautiful friendship ....

 A country
 a city,
 a street ...
 The azure waves,
 red flowers and white balconies,
 indigo blue window shutters ....
 In the houses,
 children's smiles ....

 Life in a hurry,
 only people watching television news,
 is an island country when things go wrong ...

 However, at the beginning of the name of a street in the country,
 sipping coffee
 an old man
 could see his heart
 It would be nice world ...

 Today, I'm going on a road trip sad again ...
 Very loved and lost a while ago
 my dear friend's daughter to marry and
 We will baptize her grandson ...

 Life will go on ..
 Sorrows and joys will be in the whole lifetime ...
 A coffee mug arrives
 the beauty of life and friendship ...

 istanbul ...


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