25 Şubat 2010 Perşembe


This morning while I start the day,
I did a small journey to Ithaca wıth Azra Erhat.
Thıs days, ı want to start read Homer's Odyssey.
İntroduction to the book before the Azra Erhat was put a long an introduction
Without reading the introductıon I thought the book would start missing
So that thıs morning I make a short trip with her.
Passes from overpasses,
I saw “ the spirit and heart.”
Maeve Binchy's new novel ..
I put ıt my bag immediately whıch ı call my journey books .
Passes over the Golden Horn Bridge,
Still in fog
Another great beauty
Topkapi Palace is watching the towers whıch I saw.
On the Golden Horn bridge,
I saw the fishermen.
While fishing at the water,
very early whom wıth wool beret.
I wonder,
how many of them,
watch towers were Topkapi Palace’s tovers
and he thought how beautiful ıt is .
I am curious..
Taksim Square, in front of the florist would pass.
I see wild flowers whıch are grwe up on the Taurus Mountains
the shepherd to flute whom hills..
Yellow tulips, purple violet, wallflowers ...
Blue roses, green leaves, geraniums ....
After in front of Taksim Monument
While feeding pigeons
I greet the tourists to take pictures.
In what language they speak,
and to come here from what distant land
I am curious ...
Then come to my office,
again as usual until the end of the wings can open my window
I say good morning to the blue waters of the Bosphorous ...
Good morning world
Good morning, wonderful life
Good morning, my good friend ....
 ... ....
25 February 2010
Thursday-09.40 -- Gümüşsuyu.

2 yorum:

  1. You paint a very colourful picture !

    It reminds me of The Sea-Crossed Fisherman by Yashar Kemal...

  2. My best book is "yaşar kemal- The Fırat Rıver ıs runnıng lıke a blood.."
    super trıo..
    Thaks for nıce words..