31 Ocak 2010 Pazar




Before, these lines starts to write,

I wanted to prepare myself a cup of coffee.

opened the cover of Jar,

Sweet smell of coffee which is spride ...

I think, we all know that smell.

At that moment,

I think about my own life smell of coffee

and colours of my own life ..

Yesterday, there was a beautifull Istanbul morning in my life of colour..

Morning at 11.00, in Ciragan Palace

Had a classical music concert.

Flute, violin, harp ...

John Sabastian Bach, Wolfrang Amadeus Mozart, J. Pachebel

And Greensleeves ...

I put in my bag my camera and photograph

Precisely at 10.00 I arrive at the Palace garden.

The Bosporus right side.

Far away,

Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque and the silhouette

Galata Tower flag staff

in the blowing wind

Was lost in a fog.

On the left, there was The Bosporus Bridge and flaying seagulls which quietly.

after take some photos

on the gren grass,

in a wooden bench

I Watched Istanbul

wirt plesuare ...

I thought.. ...

A city becomes so beautifull ...

I suppose, the swimming pool water is hot ...

An intensive water vapour is highing

at the Bridge foot ..

A human fathom in deep water ...

At that moment, I wanted the presentation;

Only in this water for swimming

Surely one day

I will live one night

İn Ciragan Palace …

... ...

31.01.2010 -09.54


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